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The Company

Cremer Programmentwicklung (CP) was founded as a GmbH (Ltd) company in Munich, Germany by Dr. Konrad Cremer in November 1995. Since then, the company has grown steadily and surely, relatively unaffected by economic fluctuations. The company today offers a suite of programs centred upon the flagship product, CAPLAN. This surveying application is currently used by a wide range of surveying and engineering companies on numerous construction sites and mapping projects worldwide, such as the Gotthard-Tunnel (Switzerland), the Karahnjukar hydro-electric power station (Iceland), Malmö City-Tunnel (Sweden), the Chatswood to Epping Rail Link in Sydney (Australia), the Durban Harbour Tunnel (South Africa), the Glendoe Hydro Scheme in Inverness (Scotland) and many more.

Our Goals

are dynamic in nature. The development goals for our programs focus entirely on meeting the specific and changing needs of our users. If we can continuously satisfy most of the customer wishes that we receive, whilst ensuring that the programs remain compact, powerful and user-friendly, then our work is done. The good and close relationship we enjoy with our customers is demonstrated by the very positive feedback we receive about our programs and customer support.

For every support question we receive, we don't simply respond to the specific case at hand but also ask ourselves if the product can be improved so that the question never arises again. Consequently, our support Hotline should ring less and the time thus saved can be invested in making further improvements to our products.

We can be found...

in the town of Pfaffenhofen/Ilm in southern Germany. This is reached by car via the A9 (E45) motorway. Take the "Pfaffenhofen" exit (junction no. 66) and drive 7 km to Pfaffenhofen. Pfaffenhofen can also be reached by rail from Munich and Ingolstadt. Regional trains depart every 30 minutes.

We can be found

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Finding our Office

  • If approaching by car from the A9 motorway then you will find yourself on Weiherer Straße.
  • If approaching by car from Munich / the south on the B13 (along Josef-Fraunhofer-Straße) then turn left at the intersection with Weiherer Straße.
  • If approaching by car from Ingolstadt / the north on the B13 (along Josef-Fraunhofer-Straße) then turn right at the intersection with Weiherer Straße.
  • At the end of Weiherer Straße, drive left and you will be on Türltorstraße. Our office is situated in the second floor of the fifth building on the left.

From the railway station (Bahnhof) it is a 15 minute walk to our office. First walk (north) along Josef-Fraunhofer-Straße until reaching the intersection with Münchner Straße. Follow Münchner Straße until reaching the main square (Hauptplatz). Walk past the town hall (Rathaus) and follow Frauenstraße northwards. The Frauenstraße will then be Türltorstraße and our office is located in the building 100 m on the right and is situated in the second floor.

Finding our Office