Order Test Package

I would like to order a Test Package for € 130

Please ask your local reseller about possible additional charges (such as sales taxes and / or shipping costs). The test package includes:

  1. A single (unrestricted and permanently valid) license of our popular text editor CREDIT (Cremers Editor), including an introductory exercise book (available in English).
  2. A full license of our file management application Cremer Commander (CC).
  3. A test version of the CAPLAN (Cremer's Survey Processing and Plan Design) application, including all the extended module licenses and a printed tutorial for the software. This test package component is valid for 6 months and its database is restricted to normally storing 1000 survey points. If an order for a full version of CAPLAN is made within the 6 month test period, the initial fee paid will be refunded.

This order is binding and is valid without a signature.

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