Training Courses

The printed introductory workbooks allow users to get a first impression of CREDIT and CAPLAN and begin to experience the functionality available. The very nature of an introductory workbook means that the focus is on important concepts and functions so of course not every aspect of the programs can be covered in great detail.

In order to provide more intensive and in depth coverage of the various CAPLAN topics we offer regularly training sessions for our users that focus on various groups of topics. Each block involves a single day of training, which includes instruction, discussion and practical exercises.


CAPLAN Fundamental Concepts

  • Program Structure and Data Concept
  • Importing and Exporting Points and Lines
  • Working with Projects
  • Creating Plans
  • Editing Plans
  • Plan Frames
  • DXF Interface

Engineering Surveying

  • DTM Generation and Editing
  • Volume Calculations using Prisms
  • Alignments (Center Lines) and Alignment Calculations
  • Cross Sections, inc. Construction of Cross Sections
  • Road Surfaces
  • Volume Calculations using Horizons
  • Volume Calculations using the Elling Method

Geodetic Applications

  • Importing and Analyzing Survey Data
  • Coordinate Calculations
  • Creation and Adjustment of Networks (Plan, Level, 3D)
  • Epoch Comparison and Deformation Analysis
  • Control (Pass) Point Transformations
  • Datum Transformations


Training sessions are available exclusively to customers with valid maintenance agreements and cost € 300 per person/day net. This includes drinks and snacks during breaks. We recommend that each participant brings a laptop computer along. This allows practical exercises to be carried out in conjunction with the instruction and thus leads to a better understanding and uptake of the information. Please be welcome to inquire for an idividual offer.

Individual Training

  • If you don't have time to attend the scheduled training session.
  • If you are only interested in a couple of topics and want to obtain a thorough understanding of these.
  • If you have a number of users in the office who should all hear about the new opportunities offered by CAPLAN.
  • If you think that training examples always work faultlessly anyway - so you would like to carry out some exercises with your own data.

If any of the above statements are true for you, an individual training session is the best option:

  • Training can be held at your company / institute / organization or at our office.
  • We jointly agree on the topics to be covered, as well as the duration and the structure of the training session.
  • You send us your data in advance and we will prepare examples and exercises.

This means that we can teach you things that will immediately provide benefits in your everyday activities.

We would be very happy to provide an individually tailored quote for you. Simply give us a call on +49 (0) 8441 / 40 50 000 or send an e-mail to