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The Cremer's Survey Processing and Plan Design applications caters for all tasks encountered in surveying and civil engineering, for example if you need to

  • carry out surveys using total stations and/or GNSS technology,
  • create inventory and quantity plans,
  • construct digital terrain models (DTMs),
  • create an excavated pit and determine its volume,
  • verify road construction volumes using cross-sections,
  • set out a road surface,
  • carry out special engineering tasks,
  • process tacheometric (total station) observations and leveling observations,
  • determine the breakthrough accuracy when tunneling,
  • adjust networks with the highest level of precision

The program also offers interfaces to all common data transfer formats.

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Cremer's Editor was developed specifically to allow the rapid adaptation of data formats to comply with specific interfaces.

CC (Cremer Commander) is a file management (Explorer) application with two distinct windows, offering several special tasks.

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