CC (Cremer Commander)

CC (Cremer Commander) is an Explorer application featuring two directory windows. The right-hand directory window can also be converted into a program window, where shortcuts to other programs can be installed and used to launch the programs. In addition to the clear file management offered by the two directory windows, the comparison and synchronization of two directories (including all their subdirectories) is also an extremely useful function.

CREDIT (Cremer‘s Editor)

CREDIT (Cremer‘s Editor) has been specially developed in order to be able to adapt data formats in just a few steps so that they comply with specific data transfer interfaces. A wide range of row and column operations, and also the ability to record sequences of commands as macros, make almost all manual input of data unnecessary.

Technical details > CREDIT

  • UNICODE support
  • Search and replace using a table
  • Row filtering and editing
  • Row filtering with logical statements
  • Filter rows occurring multiple times
  • Sorting of rows
  • Wrapping or merging of rows
  • Row restructuring, including with references to neighboring rows
  • Column marking and formatting
  • Column calculations, including with references to neighboring rows and columns
  • Conversion of free formats into column-based formats, and vice versa
  • Macro recorder for designing complex operations
  • Running of macros in batch mode, for editing multiple files
  • Undo covering all functions
  • Syntax and background coloring, to facilitate clear structuring of the file content
  • Comparison between two files, with interactive editing
  • Merging of two files using a key term
  • Definition of named printing configurations