Customer Feedback

You may ask what we can offer that is special. There are a number of very good reasons for choosing us:

  • We have experience in the software development business stretching back more than 20 years, and the company places great importance on establishing long term, fruitful relationships with our customers.
  • Our products are independent and are not reliant on other manufacturers or their products.
  • Our extensive, international customer base demonstrates the practical applicability of our software.
  • We are also surveyors and civil engineers, and therefore understand your needs.
  • In terms of support, you can reach the actual developers directly over the phone and by e-mail. This allows us to rapidly and competently answer your questions, as well as allowing us to easily make subsequent adjustments to the actual software in order to meet your needs.
  • Your feedback and suggestions contribute to the ongoing development of the software.
  • We react quickly to new requirements, and you can therefore immediately benefit from the resulting program enhancements.
  • We put our time and money into customer assistance and software development, rather than extensive marketing campaigns.
  • Our prices are realistic and reasonable, so that both you and we benefit in equal measure.

Here you can read comments and feeback from some of our customers:

About editing a plan in CAPLAN

Vielen Dank für die schnelle Umsetzung des NAS-Importes. Hier haben Sie mir wirklich geholfen. Beim aktuellen Projekt in Salzkotten können wir dies schon anwenden.
Bislang hatte ich immer den ganzen Landkreis geladen, dies hatte viele Stunden gedauert. Nun reduzieren wir den Import auf den Projektbereich und lassen es automatisch importieren.

Ansgar Suding from Marx Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH in an email received on December 15, 2022

About the processing of observation data in CAPLAN

Dear CAPLAN team,
I was starting to get quite desperate when processing a total station survey because incorrect point numbers had been saved for the control points in the field. Then I discovered the Identify Polar Points functionality in your program... It is quite simply brilliant.

Michael Walter from Albtal-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft mbH, in an email received on October 1, 2020

About CAPLAN support

Many thanks to you and your team for the prompt and uncomplicated customer service you provide, which is unique in our opinion. We appreciate it very much.

Christoph Mai, from the company Bühn NetzInfo GmbH, in an email sent on 21 December 2016

General comments about CAPLAN

We have been using your excellent CAPLAN program right from the very start of the surveying work in the extensive AK Emscher BA30 project. Whether using it for the calculation of stakeout data, the calculation of intersection accuracies, the evaluation of control measurements for all the excavations using network adjustments, or the adding of nice touches to plans - it always produces rapid and accurate output.

Mathias Bär from the company Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG, regarding the AK Emscher BA30 project - in an email sent on 29 April 2015.

General comments about CAPLAN

I would like to praise your outstanding software development team. Before working with any other program, I now always first import the data into CAPLAN and edit it there before passing it on, if that is even necessary, to the specialist software. So far, I have been really pleased with this approach, and this will no doubt remain the case in the future as well.

Klaus Kerkow, from the civil engineering company Kerkow, in an email sent on 23 April 2013 (currently in Polokwane, South Africa).

About CAPLAN support

Once again you have surprised and impressed me by offering far more in terms of service than I expected! Many, many thanks - I wish all my other suppliers could provide such support.

Ivo Schätti-Stählin from Studio Meier SA in Minusio (Switzerland) in an e-mail sent on October 1, 2012.

General comments about CAPLAN

First of all, plaudits to the whole team at Cremer Programmentwicklung GmbH. I really enjoy working with CAPLAN. It is stable, intuitive easy to use and simply very good - keep up the good work.

Andreas Quatsling-Koos from Stadtwerke Stralsund Energie GmbH in an e-mail sent on June 18, 2012.

About support regarding CAPLAN network adjustments

Many thanks for the rapid assessment and implementation of improvements - you are a role model regarding how support services should operate.

Prof.Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Staiger from the Hochschule Bochum in an e-mail sent on October 10, 2011.

About CAPLAN support

My colleagues and I are always amazed and fascinated about how quickly you respond and how quickly suggestions and wishes are implemented. Many thanks for that.

Christel Vossebein from the Noack Ingenieurgesellschaft in Passau in an e-mail sent on June 29, 2011.

General comments about CAPLAN

CAPLAN, symbols that align themselves with associated lines - that's simply great!!!

Uwe Papendieck from his own surveying business in Magdeburg in an e-mail sent on March 13, 2011.

General comments about CAPLAN

We have been working with your programs for many years and are very satisfied.

Stefan Eckl from the Transport & Infrastructure Division of Stadtwerke München GmbH in an e-mail sent on November 23, 2010.

About CAPLAN support

I am once again very impressed by the support you provide. Many thanks for resolving our problems so quickly.

Stefan Behrendt from the company Ingenieurgesellschaft für Vermessung und Bauwesen in Gadebusch in an e-mail sent on July 23, 2010.

General comments about CAPLAN

Your product is simply excellent. And in particular your support service is unique - I often use such hotlines and it is not unusual to be connected to Greece or Portugal for help. With you, one is immediately in direct contact with the right person and suggestions or wishes are implemented quickly.

Matthias Stenglein from the surveying company Heinen und Fischer in Groß-Zimmern in a telephone conversation on May 12, 2010.

About CAPLAN support

Many thanks for helping me so quickly - you are in a completely different league to the other experiences I have had with support hotlines.

Andreas Rudloff from Ingenieurbüro Gemmer und Leber in an e-mail sent on November 3, 2009.

About CREDIT support

I am absolutely amazed by the rapid support provided - my special request regarding program functionalitiy was realized within an hour. I have never had such an experience with other software development businesses! Congratulations and many thanks to the great CREDIT programmers!

Jürgen Arhelger from his own surveying business in an e-mail sent on October 8, 2009.

General comments about CAPLAN

We are so pleased that our issues were so quickly and straightforwardly handled and rectified by you. We use CAPLAN increasingly often in our exercises for the students, who always provide very positive feedback!

Thomas Schäfer from the Geodesy Department at the Technische Universität München in an e-mail sent on July 1, 2009.

About 3D objects in CAPLAN

I was assigned the task of checking the axes of a parallel grinding machine for perpendicularity. I found my books about analytical geometry but didn't need them in the end thanks to the calculation funcionality relating to 3D objects available in CAPLAN. The user-friendliness of the program and the information output in the reports are excellent! I am absolutely thrilled and fascinated by the program.

Rainer Fletling, Department of Civil Engineering at Universität Kassel in an e-mail sent on April 2, 2009.

General comments about CAPLAN

I am a very happy user of CAPLAN. Thanks to the many new functions implemented in the Plan Window I will soon be able to completely replace my previous program system.

Bernhard Schachner from IBS Ingenieurbüro Schachner in Griesheim on November 7, 2008.

General comments about CAPLAN

Congratulations and thank you regarding the software, which is very intuitive and easy to use, as well as regarding your very friendly and helpful support.

Christof Rupper from Grünenfelder und Partner in Domat/Ems (Switzerland) in an e-mail sent on November 3, 2008.

About CAPLAN support

Plaudits to all of you - the program is unique and very good and the support provided is like a dream come true. We really couldn't do without it any more.

Manfred Wurzer, Faculty for Geoinformation at the Munich University of Applied Sciences on April 17, 2008.

General comments about CAPLAN

I don't usually give much praise but I am very happy to do so in your case - you have really made something designed specifically for surveyors.

Holger Lübcke from his own surveying business in Schwerin at the INTERGEO 2007 trade fair in Leipzig.

About CAPLAN support

Many thanks for the very prompt and, as we have become accustomed to from Cremer Programmentwicklung over the years, the very professional response. This excellent level of service is an aspect that the competition just CANNOT match.

Paul Lenz, Head of Survey Department, Bilfinger Berger AG, Tunnelling Division, (Baustelle Vancouver) on July 25, 2007.

About CAPLAN support

Thanks to the excellent cooperation. I was able to provide my client with the data in exactly the required format. Your software is simply fantastic.

Christoph Mai from the company Bühn Netzinfo in Naila on May 25, 2007.

General comments about CAPLAN

The program is really great and can also compete with many pure CAD systems. I wish the entire team continued success - keep up the good work.

Sören Hergott from his own surveying business in Gronau on February 25, 2007.

About CAPLAN, alignments and profiles

The cross-section functionality you have created is absolutely awesome. The rounding functionality is exactly what I have been needed for years in order to create dam embankments. The vertical profile plan is also cool - you will gain a lot of friends in the road construction world with that function, as the vertical profile plan can now really be created at the push of a button.

Rudolf Zinser from Stadtbauamt Buchloe on February 15, 2007.

General comments about CAPLAN

We would like to really congratulate you on the innovative enhancements you have made to the CAPLAN program. The ability to integrate images into plan drawings is fantastic.

Klaus Schellmann from the company Bühn Netzinfo in Naila on November 21, 2006.

General comments about CAPLAN

I'd like to show that I don't always come to you with problems, so I would hereby like to express my great thanks - you are all always very friendly, skilled and keen to help - please stay just the way you are.

Klaus Traudisch from the company BauPlan Traudisch in Wolfratshausen on February 14, 2006.

CAPLAN, profiles

By the way I would again like to thank you for the comprehensive support you provided me with this week... we had a really tight deadline and the support you gave us and the rapid sending of udpates really helped us. A project could be delivered on Friday and our client was very impressed by the quality of the cross-sections. Purchasing CAPLAN was such a stroke of luck for us - a fact that we are reminded of time and time again - we could no longer do without it here.

Helmut Sieber from his own surveying business in Zweibrücken on November 20, 2005.


..CREDIT is the world's best editor! A really fantastic program!

Jochen Gillich from the Ingenieurbüro Gillich + Semmelmann in Herrenberg in an e-mail sent on November 14, 2005.

General comments about CREDIT + CAPLAN

We can fulfill all the requirements placed on us by using the Cremer suite of programs. Those equipped with the Cremer programs need not fear anything.

Oliver Wollny from the IWO-Vermessungstechnik at the INTERGEO trade fair 2005 in Düsseldorf.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your suite of programs. I have only been using CAPLAN for 8 months, so I haven't yet discovered all of its finesses, but I am very happy with the functionality I have used so far.

Werner Stössel from his own surveying business in Freienwil (Switzerland) in an e-mail sent on August 11, 2005.

General comments about CAPLAN + CREDIT

It was easy to install the programs on Windows XP, and thanks to the associated documentation we have already been able to test the program with the first lessons. The processing of tasks and graphical support provided are particularly good in my opinion. I will be using CAPLAN in the upcoming main surveying exercises and I am convinced that our students will love it.

Klaus Krack from the Universität der Bundeswehr in München on July 1, 2005.

About CAPLAN network adjustment

Even though errors will always occur now and again in such a complex program, it is the best surveying software with which I have ever worked. We are very proud to have a license and happy to be able to work with the program. Many thanks for the rapid rectification of issues - I will continue being a staunch advocate of your excellent product.

Mr. Schmeltz from the Vermessungs- und Ingenieurbüro Hedwig Petri in Hamburg on June 1, 2005